Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil combined with a unique blend of New Zealand botanicals

This hand cream is nothing short of amazing!! I have had severe skin issues (hands) over the last couple of years & after trying SO MANY hand creams, steroid creams, pharmacy creams etc etc. this is by far the best option I have found on my journey to better skin!! Smells fantastic, non-greasy, absorbs very well and leaves my hands feeling sensational! If you have issues with your skin like I do (basically allergic to life!!) you must try this skin care brand – Ashera you have done an amazing job creating your products


Our unique blend of ingredients is what makes Ashera a premium skin nourishing product that is fast absorbing and feels luxurious to the skin.

Founder ~ John Krech

"Beautiful hand cream and smells gorgeous too. Great to use after washing hands constantly, definitely recommend."


"Feels thick and luxurious. Absorbs into the skin well. Highly recommend this product."


"I love this hand moisturiser! The scent is amazing and the non-greasy formula is readily absorbed and hydrating enough to combat the loss of moisture from swimming most days. I’ll definitely be back for more."


I love your products! The Ashera hand cream saved my hands!! Years of nursing had left them so dry and ageing fast, it’s one of few creams that relieve the dryness. And the subtle smell of marigold is divine! Thank you Ashera